Half-day tours

  • Espiritu Santo, Island

    Espiritu Santo Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is located just 25 km from La Paz and is considered by many to be the most beautiful of all the islands in the Sea Cortez. The combination of red desert limestone, turquoise blue waters, white sand beaches and unparalleled marine life create the conditions for some of the most incredible experiences on the planet.
    The island´s popularity has continued to grow with tourists due to the unique experiences made possible
    by the conservation minded approach to its stewardship which places a high value of protecting nature and minimizing human impact. Espíritu Santo Island is considered one of the best places in the world for diving and snorkeling, for its abundant marine life, specifically large marine animals.
    At the northern tip of the island, you can find “Los Islotes”, which is home to a large sea lion colony, one of the few communities of sea lions where friendly interaction with visitors is possible.
    The alluring tranquility of its many beaches and pristine environment are some of the islands main attractions. The flora and fauna of the island can be enjoyed in close proximity by boat, first hand from one of its ten hiking paths or simply by resting or camping on one of its spectacular white sand beaches.

  • Todos Santos, Magic Town

    Todos Santos, is a vibrant and active town that was initially founded as a Mission in 1724. Later, it became a major sugar-cane producer. The church, theater, art galleries, cultural center & museum, and many historic buildings are open to the public. Restaurants are well known for serving creative cuisine with organic produce. The ecology of this oasis, and the magnificent Sierra Laguna mountains, are the subject of many paintings, photographs, and memories. The Hotel California associated with the song made famous by the Eagles is a favorite stop, even though the song does not specifically reference this particular hotel. There are many beautiful beaches within a 15-minute drive of Todos Santos, Las Palmas and Los Cerritos are great beaches for swimming. San Pedrito Point, Los Cerritos and other local surf breaks attract surfers from around the world. Todos Santos is located only an hour drive from La Paz.
  • El Triunfo, Mining Town

    El Triunfo, is a small mining town located 40 min drive from La Paz. In 1862, silver and gold were discovered in this region, prompting miners from Mexico and the United States to set up camp. Many of these miners participated in the 1849 California gold rush. Miners from China, Russia, Italy, Germany, England and Canada also arrived. The mine of El Triunfo shut down in 1926. Most people left to find work elsewhere. The 2010 census reported a population of just over 320 inhabitants. The town has returned to its previous identity as tiny mountain settlement. A visit to El Triunfo today is like entering a colonial time warp, with the city’s humble present contrasted by its once glorious silver mining past. To attract visitors, many of the original brick and mortar buildings have been restored and converted into cafes, boutiques and museums. A regional cultural center, the Silver Route Museum (Museo Ruta de Plata), features interactive exhibits and an orientation film that tells the story of the town’s unique geology, mining adventures and rich cultural history. There is also a simulated mine designed to educate and surprise visitors of all ages.  The museum is open daily (except Tuesday) from 10 to 17 hrs. Adjacent to the museum is El Minero restaurant & bar, which serves lunch and drinks. Another good dining choice is Café el Triunfo, which offers breakfast and lunch and is known for its pizza, paninis and salads.
  • Whale Shark, snorkeling

    The whale shark is one of the most captivating species in the world as it is the world’s largest fish. It reaches
    lengths up to 17 meters and can weigh over 30 tons. They are harmless and feed exclusively on plankton and small fish; you can see them in the Bay of La Paz from October to March.
  • Downtown La Paz tour

    La Paz, the historic capital of the Californias, is a vibrant, scenic and a great town to get to know on foot. Experience it through the local’s eyes as your local guide takes you on a tour of the culture, history and architecture of the town, including the street art of the of the -Mi Ciudad- mural project. Meet paceños, and along the way stop to try a few local delicacies. You can also visit the cathedral, which was built in 1720, this church has both historical and architectural importance for the city, and the Regional Museum of Anthropology which is open from Monday to Sunday from 9 to 18 hrs. Downtown, you can also find the -Malecón- a beachside shopping street, that provided spectacular views of the bay as you browse through shops and restaurants. Don´t miss enjoying the sunset in the evening while walking along the Malecón and enjoy an amazing local ice cream.
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