Visa information


The Following list applies for the countries that doesn’t need visa for entering Mexican territory.

The Following list applies for the countries that strictly need to get a visa for entering Mexican territory.

The Visa is needed if you: • Are traveling to Mexico for vacations, transit, business, technical activities, artistic activities, scientific activities, sport activities, correspondent or journalist, ministers of religion.

• Apply to your Consular in person. If you don´t know the location of the Mexican Embassy on your country you can check out the following link:
• Fill out the Application form that will be given on your Consular Entity.

Next documents are required when applying for your VISA:
• Valid passport in original and one color photocopy of the pages containing personal information, photograph of bearer and expiration date/extensions
• Valid proof of legal residence/entry and one photocopy
• One photo passport size, color, no glasses, white background
• Original financial records (last six months of your bank statements, last six months of pay stubs, employment letter specifying your position and salary and the last six months of international credit card statements. You can also submit original and official documents proving the ownership of a property/company/business and one photocopy of them
• If a company/organization in Mexico is sponsoring or inviting the foreigner, the applicant can submit an original invitation letter* from them (the invitation must have a letterhead, address and signed in ink. Scanned or pdf versions won´t be accepted)
• Documents that proof that the visa applicant has the necessary experience, capacity, ability and knowledge to participate in the activity to which he/she was invited for (original and copy)
• Payment of Consular fee NOTE: To apply, minors (under 18 years old) must be accompanied by parents (or legal guardian) and to submit original and official documentation proving filiation (relationship between parents and child) or legal status as a legal guardian.

*Invitation Letter
Original Invitation Letter from the company/organization based in Mexico must be addressed to the Consular Section of the Embassy of Mexico requesting the visa and specifying:
• Exact purpose or activity and length of time for the trip to Mexico
• How your expenses will be covered
• Applicant´s full name
• Registration number of the company/organization, plus address, complete name and contact information of the company/organization
• Copy of ID of the person who signed the invitation letter

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